by Gordon Kenneth Beach. 

Updated: 21 August 2021

Around 413 Military Police served in Vietnam plus 4 non corp members attached with the Military Police.

I was called up for National Service  on 1st February 1967 and spent my two years with the Military Police (then known as Provost Corp) and completed my National Service on 31 January 1969.

I served in Vietnam from March 1968  to December 1968.

There are a few sites that record the deaths of Australian Military Police since the end of the Vietnam war.

Notable ones that I know of, are the following:



All three  sites are well worth a visit.

The intention of this site is to compliment, and not to compete with,  such sites.

It  is  intended to be a Memorial to those members.

I have tried to be as accurate as I can with my information that is published herein.

However errors and omissions can, and do occur- so please feel free to e-mail me with any concerns, additions, amendments and the like.  My e-mail is

I have collected  well over 200 photographs of headstones and Tribute Notices that have now been  uploaded onto this site

I have identified 153 deaths.

The information I have collated comes in part from the three websites mentioned, above, The Ryerson Index for Newspaper Death Notices, as well as the Australian Office of War Graves Commission and Military Police Association of Australia


Various Newspapers have provided me with with some of the notices, as have various Cemeteries that have provided burial or cremation details, head stone photographs have been sourced on line from Billion Graves and Find a Grave websites as well as personally sent to me from relatives of the deceased.

The service  given by  these and other Vietnam Veterans should never be forgotten


Rear view AFV Pro Unit, Vung Tau, Vietnam, 1968


VUNG TAU- 1968.

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